Gail Brodholt Any Given Saturday
Stanley Spencer Southwold
Mary Fedden Aldeburgh
Peggy Somerville Sunshades on the Beach at Aldeburgh
Julia Heseltine Sunday Morning, Southwold
Linda Richardson Autumn Hedgehog

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Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker is a book cover and movie poster designer and illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Having worked as a professional, award-winning product design consultant for over a decade, he has recently switched from 3D to 2D. Now he is utilising all the skills he developed from the world of branded product styling into this exciting new dimension, relishing the opportunity to design for the films, music, literature and games that have inspired him.

Margaret Green

Margaret Green was born in West Hartlepool, County Durham, the daughter of a stock-taker in a steel plant, who also ran the local art club. Her parents always encouraged her to paint. On holiday in a popular sketching area of Yorkshire, the 16-year-old Margaret was drawn by Patrick Heron, who happened to be staying next door. This encounter with a celebrated young painter confirmed her own artistic calling. From Hartlepool Art School, she won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art at its wartime home in the Lake District. There she fell in love with the painter Lionel Bulmer. It was during this period that the two students first visited Walberswick. They came in a spirit of homage to paint in the footsteps of the English impressionist Philip Wilson Steer, who had visited Southwold and Walberswick during the 1880s. Years later they moved to Suffolk after finding a dilapidated mediaeval hall house near Stowmarket. They restored the ruin themselves, adding a light-filled studio. From here they made frequent excursions to paint in Walberswick and Southwold, exhibiting in New English Art Club shows and the Royal Academy summer exhibition. When Lionel died in 1992, Margaret was bereft and never painted another picture until her own death eleven years later.

Philip Wilson Steer

PHILIP WILSON STEER was born at Birkenhead in 1860, the son of Philip Steer, a teacher of painting. He studied at the school of art at Gloucester but failed to gain entrance to the Academy Schools. He went instead to Paris in 1882 and studied at the Beaux Arts. In 1884, having completed his studies in Paris, Steer made for Walberswick, a tiny village on the Suffolk coast which had been a haven for artists since the early nineteenth century. Until 1887 he spent every summer there, formulating his own style of English impressionism. He did so, however, in the face of violent critical opposition.

Will Webb

Will Webb is a Graphic designer and printmaker. After graduating from Newcastle Polytechnic and spending an itinerant year rock climbing in various parts of the world, he moved to London and pursued a career as a book designer and illustrator. For over a decade he was the Art Director at Bloomsbury Publishing. Will now works for himself, designing and illustrating books for a wide range of British and European publishers. The Iino print on this card was originally exhibited at the launch of the cycle clothing company Rapha.

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