The Warwick Hutton Collection

Warwick (Wocky) Hutton was born in London in 1939, one of twins, to recently immigrated New Zealander parents. His father was glass engraver and muralist John Hutton, his mother artist Helen Hutton. He studied at the Colchester School of Art where he was taught by John Nash. He worked with his father engraving the Great West Window at Coventry Cathedral, painted portraits for the Churchills and ran the foundation and illustration courses at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology. He is most widely known for elegant pen and ink and watercolor illustrations for children's books. His subjects were folk, Biblical and mythological stories which Hutton retold, such as Noah and the Great Flood, The Nose Tree, and Theseus and the Minotaur. He also worked with texts by Hans Christian Andersen (The Tinderbox) and with retellings of traditional stories by author Susan Cooper (The Silver Cow, The Selkie Girl, Tam Lin).

Ark, Greeting Card by Warwick Hutton - Thumbnail
Ark, Greeting Card by Warwick Hutton - Thumbnail

By Warwick Hutton


Greetings Card Code: SG106

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