About Orwell Press

Located close by the beautiful Suffolk coast, Orwell Press Art Publishing is a publisher of fine art greetings cards and post cards.

Orwell Press was founded in Southwold by my good friend Richard Webster during 1988 and was primarily involved in publishing images of the Suffolk Heritage Coast, painted by Stanley Spencer, Philip Wilson Steer and J M W Turner.

Sadly, in the summer of 2011, Richard died and Orwell Press became Orwell Press Art Publishing. Since that time our range of cards has grown from 50 images to over 200, and now include some of the best art of our favourite places in Great Britain.

We now have cards featuring London, Cambridge, Oxford, Sussex and Norfolk, also a large range of art cards not specifically linked to a place.

We pride ourselves on producing cards to the highest quality standards and they are all printed in the United Kingdom using sustainably sourced board.

I hope you have a lot of fun visiting our web-site.

Colin Peck.

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