Circus, Greeting Card by Hashim Akib - Thumbnail
Hashim Akib
As far back as he can remember Hashim always painted, encouraged as a child by parents who nurtured creative thinking. Having left art college, Hashim pounded the streets of London with his portfolio, he found an illustration agency to represent his work and started producing artwork for magazines, book publishers and design firms. Hashim won various awards for his paintings and exhibited at London's Mall Galleries, with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and the Society of Marine Artists. His approach to painting has changed over the years from extremely detailed work to a much bolder, freer, impressionistic style. His first book on acrylic painting, published by Search Press, entitled 'Vibrant Acrylics' was published in 2012. He is represented by various galleries nationally.
Walberswick and Southwold from Dunwich, Greeting Card by Frederick W. Baldwin - Thumbnail
Frederick W. Baldwin
Christ Church from Merton Fields, Oxford, Greeting Card by Richard Bankes Harraden - Thumbnail
Richard Bankes Harraden
Larchwood, Greeting Card by Edward Bawden - Thumbnail
Edward Bawden
Edward Bawden was a successful and prolific English printmaker, graphic designer, illustrator and painter. He studied at the School of Art in Cambridge (1919-22) and at the Design School of the Royal College of Art (1922-6), where he was a contemporary of Eric Ravilious and was taught by Paul Nash.
Mare and Foal, Greeting Card by Robert Polhill Beven - Thumbnail
Robert Polhill Beven
Long Island Cliff and Sailors' Reading Room, Southwold, Greeting Card by Edward Ralph Blackett - Thumbnail
Edward Ralph Blackett
Walberswick Across the Meadow, Greeting Card by William Bowyer - Thumbnail
William Bowyer
Brasenose College and the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, Greeting Card by Claude Buckle - Thumbnail
Claude Buckle
Claude Buckle had from an early age an enormous interest in art. He attended Grammar school in Wolverhampton and on leaving in 1922 joined Fry's Chocolates in Bristol as an assistant architect. He was supported by Fry's to study Architecture at Bristol University. In 1926 Claude moved to London aged 21 and joined Wallis, Gilbert and Partners responsible for building the Ford factories at Dagenham. He also painted in his spare time and became one of the youngest amateur members of the British Savages Art Group based in Bristol. At the age of 26 he left full-time employment to concentrate his efforts as a professional freelance commercial artist. He undertook commissions including hotel brochures and book illustrations.
Aldeburgh, Greeting Card by James Cairns - Thumbnail
James Cairns
James Cairns was born in the East End of London in 1933. He completed his National Service in the RAF from 1952 to 1957 working as ground crew in Oakington on Meteor and Vampire aircraft. Following his retirement James now finds the time to concentrate on his love of Painting, a passion since his early school years. With an eye for colour, light, and shade his style reflects Suffolk life in a unique way. He now lives on the Essex coast and keenly supports local art groups.
High Street, Oxford, Greeting Card by Alan Carr Linford - Thumbnail
Alan Carr Linford
Bakery, Greeting Card by Rachel Clark - Thumbnail
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark works as a freelance book designer and artist/printmaker. After an Art Foundation course at Brighton College of Technology, she studied Illustration and Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. She is a Sussex based artist who loves to draw and travel. Prints emerge from her location drawings and images take on a new life as she experiments using printmaking techniques including screen-printing, etching and lino-cutting.
Constitution Hill, Southwold, Greeting Card by Brian Cook Batsford - Thumbnail
Brian Cook Batsford
Encaenia, Greeting Card by Charles Cundall - Thumbnail
Charles Cundall
Southwold Harbour, Greeting Card by William Daniell - Thumbnail
William Daniell
The Encaenia Procession, Oxford, Greeting Card by Alfred Daniels - Thumbnail
Alfred Daniels
Alfred Daniels was born in the East End of London in 1924. After studying at Woolwich Art School from 1943 to 1944, he did his National Service in the Royal Air Force, resuming his studies at the Royal College of Art from 1947 to 1950. He then toured Florence, Venice, and Sienna and was deeply impressed by the painting of the Italian primitives, The award-winning set of murals he completed for Hammersmith Town Hall in 1954, depicting life on the Thames, are regarded as a modern classic. Soon afterwards, the Football Association held a fine art competition whose judges included the directors of the National Gallery and the Tate; the first prize was won jointly by Alfred Daniels and L. S. Lowry.
Moth Hunter, Greeting Card by Sally Elford - Thumbnail
Sally Elford
Sally Elford lives in Brighton, East Sussex and works as a freelance illustrator and printmaker. Her popular print work combines a contemporary graphic styling with traditional subjects often from nature. She produces her own silk screen prints in small editions, usually a maximum of thirty to forty.
Royal Pavilion, Brighton (screen print), Greeting Card by Geoffrey Elliott - Thumbnail
Geoffrey Elliott
Aldeburgh, Greeting Card by Mary Fedden - Thumbnail
Mary Fedden
Mary Fedden was born in Bristol and wanted to be a painter even as a child. She left Badminton School at sixteen and then studied at the Slade School of Art in London under the theatre designer Vladimir Polunin. After serving abroad as a driver in the final years of the Second World War she resumed her career as a painter. In 1949 she moved to Durham Wharf, a complex of studios on the Thames at Chiswick. Two years later she married the artist Julian Trevelyan. Together they travelled in Europe, Africa, India, Russia and America. Since 1946 Fedden has painted prolifically, taught at the Royal College of Art and has had regular exhibitions at the Redfern Gallery, the New Grafton Gallery and many other galleries throughout Britain. A number of her paintings hang in the Tate.
Rock Band, Greeting Card by Hannah Forward - Thumbnail
Hannah Forward
Brighton Fame and Fashion, Greeting Card by Henry George Gawthorn - Thumbnail
Henry George Gawthorn
Hammersmith Bridge on Boat-race Day, Greeting Card by Walter Greaves - Thumbnail
Walter Greaves
The Ferry, Walberswick, Greeting Card by Margaret Green - Thumbnail
Margaret Green
Margaret Green was born in West Hartlepool, County Durham, the daughter of a stock-taker in a steel plant, who also ran the local art club. Her parents always encouraged her to paint. On holiday in a popular sketching area of Yorkshire, the 16-year-old Margaret was drawn by Patrick Heron, who happened to be staying next door. This encounter with a celebrated young painter confirmed her own artistic calling. From Hartlepool Art School, she won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art at its wartime home in the Lake District. There she fell in love with the painter Lionel Bulmer. It was during this period that the two students first visited Walberswick. They came in a spirit of homage to paint in the footsteps of the English impressionist Philip Wilson Steer, who had visited Southwold and Walberswick during the 1880s. Years later they moved to Suffolk after finding a dilapidated mediaeval hall house near Stowmarket. They restored the ruin themselves, adding a light-filled studio. From here they made frequent excursions to paint in Walberswick and Southwold, exhibiting in New English Art Club shows and the Royal Academy summer exhibition. When Lionel died in 1992, Margaret was bereft and never painted another picture until her own death eleven years later.
Southwold Summer, Greeting Card by Katherine Hamilton - Thumbnail
Katherine Hamilton
Katherine Hamilton, once a professional dancer, is now a full time artist who lives close to Southwold, the town which she has so often celebrated in her art. After having her interest in dance aroused when she was a pupil at Dartington Hall School, she gradually became more interested in painting. In 1971, aged 17,sshe went to Florence to study for a year with Nerina Simi. Simi was a teacher of Annigoni, famous for his rigorously classical portrait of Queen Elizabeth Il. 'It was another way of looking,' she recalls, 'but when I left it was necessary to throw off her technique, otherwise it imprisoned you.' After an unstructured year at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, she was drawn back to the stricter discipline and immediacy of dance and she worked for some six years as a dancer and choreographer, moving between Amsterdam, New York and Ethiopia. After this she returned to painting. She moved to Suffolk in 1992, but has continued to travel as far afield as Guatemala and Kerala to paint everything from beach football matches to bull fights. More recently she has found inspiration nearer home at Yarmouth's Hippodrome Circus. Among her many admirers is PD. James, who has written of her skill at capturing movement, tension and mood through colour and form and of how the truthfulness of her vision 'draws us so powerfully to her art'.
Cromer, Greeting Card by Andrew Haslen - Thumbnail
Andrew Haslen
Andrew Haslen was born in Essex in 1953. He is a painter and printmaker of animal subjects. He was elected a member of The Society of Wildlife Artists in 1988 the same year he opened The Wildlife Art Gallery in Lavenham. In 2010 a book on his work was published titled The Winter Hare. During his career Andrew has won several awards, these include; Winner of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation 'Natural World' Art Award in 1992 and 1997, and Runner- up in 1993. He was also the winner of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Art Award in 1996 and 1999.
Lychees and Lemons, Greeting Card by Moira Hazel - Thumbnail
Moira Hazel
Moira Hazel was born in South Wales, and spent her childhood in Wales and Hampshire. She was educated at Dartington College of Arts, taught for the next 13 years, and was later an Art Advisory teacher for three years with BFES in Germany. After three years in Cyprus, Moira now lives in Suffolk. Moira loves to travel at home and abroad for inspiration and really enjoys the vibrant colours, light and brightness of the Mediterranean regions, or the fascination of fishing villages of Cornwall.
Aldeburgh, Greeting Card by Julia Heseltine - Thumbnail
Julia Heseltine
Julia Heseltine was born in London. Her mother, Anna Zinkeisen, and her aunt, Doris Zinkeisen, were well-known artists in the mid-twentieth century. Both excelled as portrait painters and, encouraged by her mother, Julia herself started painting at an early age. Julia studied at the Byam Shaw and the Royal Academy Schools. Winner of the M├ędaille D'Argent at the Paris Salon, she has painted many portraits, including one of Ted Hughes. She has been commissioned by Sir Laurence Olivier and Joan Plowright.
Ark, Greeting Card by Warwick Hutton - Thumbnail
Warwick Hutton
Warwick (Wocky) Hutton was born in London in 1939, one of twins, to recently immigrated New Zealander parents. His father was glass engraver and muralist John Hutton, his mother artist Helen Hutton. He studied at the Colchester School of Art where he was taught by John Nash. He worked with his father engraving the Great West Window at Coventry Cathedral, painted portraits for the Churchills and ran the foundation and illustration courses at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology. He is most widely known for elegant pen and ink and watercolor illustrations for children's books. His subjects were folk, Biblical and mythological stories which Hutton retold, such as Noah and the Great Flood, The Nose Tree, and Theseus and the Minotaur. He also worked with texts by Hans Christian Andersen (The Tinderbox) and with retellings of traditional stories by author Susan Cooper (The Silver Cow, The Selkie Girl, Tam Lin).
Christ Church Oxford, Greeting Card by J. Murray Ince - Thumbnail
J. Murray Ince
The End of the Pier (Brighton), Greeting Card by Jennie Ing - Thumbnail
Jennie Ing
Jenny's work mainly features the urban environment and the places she knows best. It is an interest in architecture and a fascination with the way space is taken up in our cities that inspires Jenny's work, as well as the patterns, repetition and colours found in the built environment. Some of this interest occasionally spills over to lead to work of other subject matter. Jenny works in relief print, a hand process involving cutting away areas from the surface of a flat block of Iino, inking the remaining area and printing from this on to paper.
Havoc on the River, Greeting Card by Osbert Lancaster - Thumbnail
Osbert Lancaster
The Lighthouse, Southwold, Greeting Card by Martin Laurence - Thumbnail
Martin Laurence
Martin Laurance began his career as an engraver and graphic designer, attending art school classes in portrait sculpture and life drawing before taking a B.Ed. in Art and Design. Born in the Middle East, Martin's early childhood experiences of light, heat and colour are ingrained in his landscapes, giving them a zest. Martin paints in oil, acrylic and mixed media. His works are colourful and energetic, with a richly textured surface built up to convey movement, weight and depth. His work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, and is also represented in the Print Loan Collection, Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia.
Textile Design: Rose and Teardrop, Greeting Card by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Thumbnail
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Brighton, Greeting Card by Nicholas Martin - Thumbnail
Nicholas Martin
Interior with Three Sofas (linocut), Greeting Card by Elaine Nason - Thumbnail
Elaine Nason
Elaine Nason was born in Walton on the Naze, Essex and studied at Colchester School of Art from 1955 to 1959. In 1961 Elaine attended Trent Park Teacher Training College and went on to teach in primary schools in London and Suffolk from 1963 to 1999 with special responsibility for art. Elaine painted and exhibited throughout her teaching career. Elaine is a figurative painter, working in oils and watercolour. Her subject matter is chiefly concerned with the human figure, still life and the domestic scene and in this she attempts to convey her interest in the everyday and commonplace. Composition, pattern and space are important considerations in her work. Linocuts, monoprints, drawings and etchings follow the same themes. Elaine has exhibited widely in East Anglia and is a member of the Suffolk Group and Artworks.
Oxford Women Students' Society for Women's Suffrage, Greeting Card by E. H. New - Thumbnail
E. H. New
New was born in Evesham Worcestershire. He studied at the Birmingham Municipal School of Art. He became known in the 1890s as an illustrator in the black-and-white style of the Arts and Crafts movement. He speciahsed in pen and ink drawings of rural and urban landscapes, old buildings and their interiors, architectural features, and also designed bookplates. In 1895, New was invited to meet William Morris at Kelmscott Manor, and went on to provide design work for the Kelmscott Press as well as illustrating Morris's two-volume biography by J. W. Mackail. Between 1896 and 1914, New provided hundreds of illustrations for over 50 books for various publishers. He also taught drawing to T E Lawrence ('Lawrence of Arabia'). In 1905, New moved from Evesham, the place of his birth, to Oxford where he started work on a series of drawings of the University of Oxford colleges, a project which was to occupy him for the rest of his life and remained unfinished.
Brighton Beach Monster, Greeting Card by Mark Oliver - Thumbnail
Mark Oliver
Mark is a well established, professional Illustrator. He has illustrated for Advertising, Editorial, Design and Publishing. His list of picture books include: 'Foley and Jem', 'Robot Dog', 'Tom's Clockwork Dragon', and 'Monsters'. Mark has won various awards during his career including; Gold for the TfL/SAA 'Open Spaces' poster award. He was Runner Up in the 2003 Avensis prize for his book 'Get in Gear'. Mark was also shortlisted for the 2011 Stockport Children's Book Award.
Save Our Canal, Oxford, Greeting Card by Patrick Osborne - Thumbnail
Patrick Osborne
Aldeburgh Beach, Greeting Card by Victoria Parker-Jervis - Thumbnail
Victoria Parker-Jervis
Tulips and Fruit, Greeting Card by Samuel John Peploe - Thumbnail
Samuel John Peploe
The Wilmington Giant, Greeting Card by Eric Ravilious - Thumbnail
Eric Ravilious
Brock (linocut), Greeting Card by Linda Richardson - Thumbnail
Linda Richardson
Centre Cliff, Southwold, Greeting Card by Ronald Rutherford - Thumbnail
Ronald Rutherford
Picadilly Circus Underground Station, Greeting Card by Miroslav Sasek - Thumbnail
Miroslav Sasek
Miroslav Sasek, was born in Prague in 1916. He had just begun a career in children's literature when the Czechoslovak coup d'etat of 1948 prompted him to emigrate to Munich, West Germany, where he worked for Radio Free Europe from 1951 to 1957. Starting with This is Paris published in 1958, Miroslav Sasek wrote and illustrated a series of eighteen books. This Is London received the New York Times Choice of Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year in 1959, as did This Is New York in 1960. This Is New York also received the Boy's Club of America Junior Books Award in 1961, while This Is the United Nations appeared on the International Board on Books for Young People Honour List in 1979.
Shopping in a Pink Dress, Greeting Card by Arabella Shand - Thumbnail
Arabella Shand
Arabella Shand studied at Colchester Institute, Kingston Polytechnic, and City and Guilds of London Art School. She has lived and painted in East Anglia for 20 years. Her work focuses mainly on flowers, family life and domestic interiors. Arabella's major influences are Picasso, Ben Nicholson, Mary Fedden, and John Nash.
Idle Sails, Greeting Card by John Singer Sargent - Thumbnail
John Singer Sargent
Boating on the Deben, Suffolk, Greeting Card by Peggy Somerville - Thumbnail
Peggy Somerville
Parasols, Southwold, Greeting Card by Joseph Southall - Thumbnail
Joseph Southall
Joseph Southall was born in Nottingham in 1861. His father, a grocer, died a little over a year later, and the young Southall and his mother moved to Edgbaston, Birmingham to live with his mother's family. After an education in York, Southall returned to Birmingham in 1878 and trained with the leading local architects' practice Martin & Chamberlain, while studying painting part- time at the Birmingham School of Art. Southall became frustrated by his architectural training, feeling that an architect should have a broader understanding of craft disciplines such as painting and carving. With this in mind he undertook several tours in Europe. The following year he left Martin & Chamberlain. Southall painted a variety of subjects during his career, including mythological, romantic, and religious subjects, portraits and landscapes. He was known for his mastery of the colour red, the clean and clear light in his works, and for his paintings on the theme of Beauty and the Beast.
Swimmers, Greeting Card by Eliza Southwood - Thumbnail
Eliza Southwood
Eliza Southwood is a former architect, who studied at Glasgow School of Art and now a full time artist, specialising in printmaking, painting and illustration. Recent clients include Rapha, Magma, Bloomsbury, Laurence King Publishing, Sustrans and the V&A Museum. Eliza exhibits regularly at the Affordable Art Fair with East London Printmakers and Gas Gallery, and currently has prints on display at the Old Cafe, Foyles and the Rapha CC Gallery in Manchester.
Southwold, Greeting Card by Stanley Spencer - Thumbnail
Stanley Spencer
Earls Court, Greeting Card by Eileen St Julian-Bown - Thumbnail
Eileen St Julian-Bown
Aldeburgh Beach, August, Greeting Card by Susanna Stanley - Thumbnail
Susanna Stanley
Cromer, 1986, Greeting Card by Keith Thickett - Thumbnail
Keith Thickett
Brighton, Greeting Card by Glynn Thomas - Thumbnail
Glynn Thomas
Glynn Thomas was born in Cambridge in 1946. He studied at the Cambridge School of Art and then, for some twelve years, taught printmaking at the Ipswich School of Art. He is now a full time artist living in Suffolk. Glynn is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country. Perhaps the most striking feature of his style is his impatient eagerness to embrace every feature of his subject even if this means defying visual convention. As Nicholas Butler has written, 'The perspective is cockeyed, note a few of the buildings are lying on their sides in their eagerness to be included, but there, in a single, friendly print, is the essence of the place.'
Snape, Greeting Card by John Tookey - Thumbnail
John Tookey
John Tookey trained at the Sir John Cass School of Art, London and has exhibited with the Royal Insititute of Watercolourists, the Royal Oil Institute and the Pastel Society of which he is a member. In 1985 he was commissioned by the publisher Gordon Fraser to produce a series of paintings of East Anglia for a book "East Anglia in Watercolours" which eventually appeared in 1986 (and which is no longer in print).
Bicycles in the Covered Market, Oxford, Greeting Card by Michele Tranquillini - Thumbnail
Michele Tranquillini
Aldeburgh, Suffolk, Greeting Card by J. M. W. Turner - Thumbnail
J. M. W. Turner
Cambridge Life, Greeting Card by Sophie Wainwright - Thumbnail
Sophie Wainwright
Sophie Wainwright is an illustrator, printmaker and graduate from Cambridge School of Art. With a childhood surrounded by books and drawing in the Shropshire countryside, Sophie's current work has been largely influenced by nature, folklore and old children's books.
Untitled, Greeting Card by Thomas Walker - Thumbnail
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker is a book cover and movie poster designer and illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Having worked as a professional, award-winning product design consultant for over a decade, he has recently switched from 3D to 2D. Now he is utilising all the skills he developed from the world of branded product styling into this exciting new dimension, relishing the opportunity to design for the films, music, literature and games that have inspired him.
Tour de France, Greeting Card by Will Webb - Thumbnail
Will Webb
Will Webb is a Graphic designer and printmaker. After graduating from Newcastle Polytechnic and spending an itinerant year rock climbing in various parts of the world, he moved to London and pursued a career as a book designer and illustrator. For over a decade he was the Art Director at Bloomsbury Publishing. Will now works for himself, designing and illustrating books for a wide range of British and European publishers. The Iino print on this card was originally exhibited at the launch of the cycle clothing company Rapha.
Sevilla, Greeting Card by Moira Wills - Thumbnail
Moira Wills
Moira Wills is a Brighton based printmaker specialising in hand printed screenprints. The work is lively, colourful and full of joie-de-vivre. Dancing figures cavort across domestic landscapes and sleeping lovers are oblivious to jealousies and intrigues. Soft painterly effects contrast with sharp handcut line work creating tensions and depth to the images. Moira graduated with a BA hons in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art and is a part time lecturer at Reigate School of Art in Redhill.
Knucklebones, Walberswick, Suffolk, Greeting Card by Philip Wilson Steer - Thumbnail
Philip Wilson Steer
PHILIP WILSON STEER was born at Birkenhead in 1860, the son of Philip Steer, a teacher of painting. He studied at the school of art at Gloucester but failed to gain entrance to the Academy Schools. He went instead to Paris in 1882 and studied at the Beaux Arts. In 1884, having completed his studies in Paris, Steer made for Walberswick, a tiny village on the Suffolk coast which had been a haven for artists since the early nineteenth century. Until 1887 he spent every summer there, formulating his own style of English impressionism. He did so, however, in the face of violent critical opposition.

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